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As featured in the St. Piran, 2019 issue, of Cornwall Today.

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All my work is hand built , I don't use moulds. Each piece is individually made from start to finish. I make in small batches of 5 or 6, this way they retain their character. I'm not a factory and don't want to feel I'm just churning things out. I would loose the joy of making otherwise. As such you might have to wait for what you would like to order but it will be made for you. Where it says "Available to order" ,  leave me a message below or email me at

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Woman and dog in a boat

My work is Raku fired, in a gas kiln outside. It is fired to a temperature of 950-1000 degreesC, removed from the kiln with tongs or gloves and then buried in sawdust. After 20 mins or so it is removed, cooled and then cleaned. The black crackles and dots are where the smoke from the sawdust  has been sucked into the clay. I make my own paper clay from a Cornish white stoneware. I find it great to work with and it's able to cope well with thermal shock. 

Dog on wheels was the first piece i made in what has now become my main body of work, dogs. My inspi

Dog on wheels

Dog on wheels is the first piece I made in what has now become the main theme of my work, dogs. The inspiration came about from living with three dogs, who constantly followed me around my home. Somewhat like a train and in my head i would be singing dog train to the song Love train by The O'Jays.


Jack Russell

I have been working with clay since I was fifteen, on and off. In 2005 I started a degree in Contemporary Craft at Falmouth university. Having explored various materials to make with, I had to nail myself down to one. Clay , wonderful clay ! I also started Raku firing then. There are so many reasons to love Raku firing. I am interested in the evolution of humans and dogs together. This is why they feature so much in my work. I live in Cornwall and yes i have a dog. Intelligent,terrible, beloved, hairy beast that she is.



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10am - 4pm

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